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a slightly different perspective on adolescent angst, alienation, alliterative free association and all those things you thought you left behind...


released July 1, 2011




purple & pink records Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: let it go
let it go. let go. i am letting go of all those words you say you don't remember saying. i was there too, i could have been you, maybe that should be me too? no, i'm letting go of you. this cigarette is never going out. you've got me smoking. i've changed my name and number half a million times but you keep calling, and in that twisted way i think you meant... this vigil's never going out. my eyes are open, i'm paranoid. i've changed the locks and the restraining order's filed but you keep calling...
Track Name: beautiful friends
it's cold outside in this dark and lonely world. your soul has died in absence of a cure. you've tried and tried to find a source of hope or comfort. you've failed and lied and are tired of being pretty damn sure that all your beautiful friends have been fucking each other. you're almost pretty - just not beautiful enough. you've asked around - just looking for some answers. your ears are open to evidence or proof. you know that you'll seem desperate or needy and pathetic but you've tried and tried. you're sure you'll find out the inevitable truth.
Track Name: gravity
something i always wondered was the speed of gravity. if i moved the sun, would the stars then move with me? it seems we're all connected like billiards on a rail. so if i move the sun, the rest would move in scale. 'cause if the sun's an atom, the earth and moon would drift and our solar system's inertia would fade in the red shift. if we have a system, together it would fall - the universe, its stars alike, their planets, moon and all. i don't know if we're falling, divided by our eyes - our failure to acknowledge how we stratify the skies! for if we are not atoms then we must be smaller. and if it moves inside us - our luxury in squalor is our ignorance of moving. and through this we will find: the answer to my question can only be found outside. but where am i?