the american english invasion chunnel

by ag ag lady

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ag ag lady's quasi-legal mixtape for may-day 2011. the loudness war is over, but the battle over intellectual property is still highly contestable. this FREE album mashes up an aborted 4-track cassette songwriting session, a collection of decent-quality classic rock track stems that was found in plain sight on the internet somewhere, and the ableton live sessions for "broken television slash mirror" - grab this before we are forced to take it down!


released May 1, 2011

artwork by dani amrhein




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Track Name: some town
serenade me - and what army? you gotta turn these levels down. draw some blood samples. pool your data round and see what the real side effect is - you can't drip it out.
you are not wanted in some town, get out while the getting is still around.
open your eyes. when you look lucidly at the strictures you bound yourself into, it's pretty obvious that you've been caught in everything that you knew you were aware of.
everything you're capable of," man ", it's all you've got! you wrote this story. it's your narrative, can't you run with it? can't you live with it? i am as close to my ideal as i can reasonably accept myself to be. isn't that good enough?
Track Name: slow motion
a couple times i dodged a bullet in slow motion. other times i ran and got away. why am i in the line of fire? there has to be a better way.
please, can you spot me a couple of fives? the sign of the times - they're going by so fast. my attention span is impaired. isn't there. not sure if i can make it last a couple days? a couple bars. i'm in the car, the windows up, doors are locked. can you receive what's there? i'm not even sure if this glass is bulletproof.
oh it is so easy to be young and dumb and reckless. partied too hard last night, can't afford to buy breakfast. can i even say if i've done my best? i guess i'm ready - put it to the test. a couple times - i've been this way a couple too many times. other times? i'm sure i'll look back this way from other times.
every situation that i've ever been in, i got there all by myself. i didn't even need help. i did this to myself.
i've been a victim a bunch of times but at the end of the day it's been my gun, my head. i did it to myself. i didn't need your help. i did it to myself.
Track Name: wake
do you know how long it's been since those days? it's like we got lost a long time ago. i was just thirteen. i looked up and i asked, "is this where it all starts?"
i know someday the clouds will disappear. i'll realize that my boundaries are clear. that all those beautiful colors were always here. "this is where it all starts!"
i'll wake up and know where i am!
i know someday the dream will stop...
Track Name: trance
i am trying to put you in a trance.
there's a lack of context when the bass kick lets the frequencies eclipse the blood-brain barrier. i am temporarily in control - maybe for a second! any time i find some clarity, turns out i wrecked it. maybe i should check myself? that sounds way too depressing for the place i'm in where i'm starting not to tell the difference between asleep and waking.
i am trying to put you in a state. to take this feeling and put it on this tape.
i am trying to put you in a trance. to make this feeling happen when it has the chance.
it's so easy to overwhelm when everything i do is focused on the feeling that i know dwells within. cause i have x-ray eyes you couldn't that away from me if you tried i see what's inside i'm losing my mind.
Track Name: caught
watch pots 'til they're boiling. let you hear your mind. give yourself a minute. leave distractions by. just hold there silent while the rest unwinds. come on get into it, nothing to it, you won't even try to get caught.
run like you are trying to get caught.
when's the last time that you caught yourself in a moment? did you forget it yet?
Track Name: lost
i-i'm getting lost inside you.
Track Name: realize
it's saturday. gonna: slow down. go out. hang out. get down. lighten up. live rough. flatten out. high altitude.
'cause you know most of the time, you don't realize how high you really are!
it's sunday. gonna: sit down. pray up. recall. drunk dials. alcoholic. sloppy seconds. meaningless. didn't even mention. relapse.
Track Name: church
"why has it been so long since we've had a talk?"
a long time ago i had lots of ways to pray. i did it almost every day, but you're not here. so many blessings, so many dreams but i lost my way. how can i tell you when you're not here?
there is a silence and comfort i used to know.
please don't tell me i'm not supposed to pray this way
can't do that in church when you're not here.
it's been so long since we've talked, i feel so lost, where did you go?
we're all supposed to be so spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, apocryphal, i don't even know what's going on in my world anymore. life is supposed to be so full so positive so physical, miracle, mental, emotional, where'd you go?
it's been so long since i've heard you. i try to talk to you every night, but you're not here!
i tried for so long to believe that it's really all that i've got left in me to sing and keep sending these messages out to you.
if you're ever listening, please send me a sign.
Track Name: d.i.y.
do it yourself.
Track Name: storm
i am writing this down as fast as i can. can't you feel the shaking in my hand? and i would always try to believe it - it takes a minute if you're gonna see it...
whatever i thought i saw in the eye of the storm, i can't define. it makes me blind! so when i fly so high in the sky that my wings start to melt i must be dreaming? i'm probably dreaming?
i'm giving this microphone, this audience, this tape recorder everything i've got. it's not much to ask, just three minutes of your time, i guess it's not a lot. i've gotta raise myself up over the noise. gotta make myself loud!
i thought i was gonna wake up? i thought i ran away?
i'll never wake up? i'm probably dreaming?
Track Name: move on
tell me how often you venture and really look outside? appraise what's really going on and believe your eyes?
things have crumbled. the sky is reeling. the wells all dried up and there's no appealing it. there is no easier way out of this. accept it - what's left of it! love it and move on!