the dead letters

by the dead letters



ancient anthems bear hefty prophetic responsibilities. out of one voice, many - how better to span the ages than to put the words directly into one's own mouth...

artwork by amanda muffley


released August 1, 2011




purple & pink records Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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don't fix it


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Track Name: take
i've never accepted your jurisdiction - it's gone too far too many times. you don't get my opposition - you left me alone in a time of choices. why should i choose you out of a sea of voices? all you say is that i take, that i ruin before you break. why should i trust someone who can't feel? someone who's weaker? someone who'll never get how i feel... now it's too late for false apologies - for reparation from unrepentant deities. your pleas are a waste! your cries fall on the deafest ears! i have no remorse to sate you. why should I give up everything?! can't you see that i just want to be a responsible person. i agree that it's worth it to fix everything. i'll do anything unless it means that i have to bow to your failure. or start feeling sorry. or stop feeling angsty. or swallow my pride. or admit that i'm ever wrong. what can i do to make you see things like i do?
Track Name: line
i learned the hard way i've got to move on. you've got to learn. i've got to show you what you've been doing wrong. you've got your eyes in the past. you've got your head in the sand. you've got your future ahead. you're holding up the line. you waste my breath. you waste my time. you waste everything. you're holding up the line. i can't understand where you are coming from. if you don't understand you still have to move on.
Track Name: hypothetical goodbye
i've never met you. you've never seen me. i've read your words - you infatuate yourself... with me? so what have i got to work with? text impressions of your face! you looked so different in my head - reality in its dormant phase? the need creates the denial. the want precedes the need. the distance brings with it sorrow - composure tearing at its seams - and i don't want to disappoint you but i know that i'll never be with you and i don't know why i subject myself to this painful masquerade and i don't know why so many others are attracted to this charade and i think it's time to say goodbye - a hypothetical goodbye...