tracks are disappearing

by ag ag lady ft. new pilgrim age



BWR006 "tracks are disappearing" is the third album by ag ag lady. the loudness war continues! on this record, ag ag lady tunes her knobs and faders to a signal that seems to arise from the dystopian future we currently inhabit. the strains of this poison pop radio broadcast from fictional future glitch glam grunge garage boi band "new pilgrim age" were quickly routed into ag ag lady's trusty four track recorder. now armed with cassettes bearing the souls of a small army of producers from the future, ag ag lady continues on her stubborn march...

remix album here:

remix stems here: www dot mediafire dot com slash ?2dctvad8ptbmu


released April 1, 2011

all songs recorded 2010 by ag ag lady in the beatlab, pittsburgh, pa.

artwork by audra wist




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Track Name: this is the sound
this is the sound of compulsion of a new addiction i am so messed up. this is the sound of my archetypes of my art and life getting so mixed up. this is the sound of a spotlight through a fog convincing me there's still a shore. this is the sound of me thanking you for making me believe when i couldn't anymore.
Track Name: clouds
i am a rainy day pouring myself dry i block the sun i fill the sky. i am unconsciousness i see through myself i am a letdown an end unto and from myself.

but if i don't ever let my feet touch the ground i don't ever have to come down i'm on clouds don't go down now.

i'm incense burning to fill up clear and lucid days yeah i kill the boredom baby i take the pain away.

so long as the sky never grows clear there'll be nothing here i'm on clouds don't go down now.
Track Name: run into a wall
you do this every time.

i know you're supposed to care about the future
but it's so far away, yeah i know i'm supposed to care about getting home but baby i'm a runaway. it happens every time that i trust what's on my mind.

and every time you run into a wall you know you're gonna fall you might as well make the best of it.

you're not supposed to be here anymore you grew out of this last year didn't you?

i know i did.
Track Name: the other side
i will see you baby on the other side.
Track Name: tell me baby
can you tell me baby why you let me down right then
when i was gettin everything i wanted? but i guess if it had to happen i'm glad it happened then.

i know what it's like to love someone and let them go i've experienced enough to know tell me baby?

can you tell me baby who's really in control? cause i swear i thought i knew exactly what i'm doing and all the time we spent i knew you knew i knew you knew what was going on but can anyone ever believe it?
Track Name: our love affair
we turned our love affair into a new religion we made time alone for nobody else we replaced ourselves with idols of each other staring glassily into each other's eyes like some bad movie. there inside of me are the things that i'm feeling that i can't seem to find when i'm with you so our love affair must get so complicated must be so alone must be so true.

and if i don't say this now at least one of us is bound to repeat it and if i don't say this now at least one of us will have to repeat it!
Track Name: treat me
this whole lifestyle management game this whole business of growing up maybe i should, i don't know pay attention to this stuff?

you know you do this every time that you're trying to unwind?

sometimes you want something like you're at a party every night until the party stops and you go home is that how i'm supposed to treat me? is that how you treat me?

they don't teach this in school everything that i'm trying to do has been trial and error.

i will lose myself in sound.
Track Name: not enough
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 there aren't ever any more.

there are not enough hours in the day for us to be everywhere at once.
Track Name: someday
i don't know where to begin so much i will forget to mention memory is so cheap. i just know how much it means to live a life in broken dreams that someday i swear to god something will happen.

someday i'll be home again someday i'll be whole again someday i'll be clean but i don't know when someday something will happen i swear to god someday something will happen.

the world is making sense to me in thoughts and dreams and poetry and little scraps of paper i hang onto. cause sometimes it's a symphony but otherwise cacophony just to hear your heart above the noise it's singing:

listen to the birds you know the little boys and girls they let their songs be heard i know you all know the words keep singing: