cyssi boi

by cyssi boi



unruly and reckless! got in over hir head "for the fun of it" was a good enough excuse at the time. do we ever grow out of this, or is there another way?


released June 1, 2011




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Track Name: loaded gun
my head is a strobe light! you see my thoughts are racing but i'm on top of them tonight, like every other night my hand is a coffee cup? you see these dreams are chasing but i'm always waking up... i'm always breaking up 'cause i've got a compulsion. i'm a loaded gun - i'm going to be something beautiful! do something... yeah you're beautiful. i'm pointed at you, i'm a loaded gun. cock-sure and trigger-fun, my beautiful one. they're asking, "how long does it take for you to put on my face, 'cause i need mine done." well tell me which one, cause i've got a ton! this show has just begun 'cause i want relief, i need a panacea, it ain't cheap, it's never free, give it to me, let me see, make me believe it's all in me
Track Name: outrun the rain
you come out of nowhere like the first raindrops of summer in my rearview mirror. me? i'm unpredictable - the longest day of the year - sunset in my rearview mirror. sometimes we come together. even the weather is somewhat inevitable, pressure in the air when the evening cools, i can smell the rain. my car's in gear, i will outrun the rain this time. so i took a couple of shortcuts i never told you about. generally i'm east and north - you're west and south. but someday i'll run out of highway, time and tide will rise the sun to the ocean where i will hold my breath until the rain is done. morning dew. the horizon's clear. someday i will hit the end of the road. the air will snap - a place where you cannot go. you cannot find me when i'm covered in snow! i will learn to love the cold because the warmth of summer rain is just a lie we used to thaw our frozen hearts to help us get by. but it's getting warm outside. i cannot run! i cannot hide! blistering sun! the end is near.
Track Name: nobody gets hurt
you're off tomorrow, i know i can make it another day without sleep. there are places to be when the world fades out to gray and the seatbelt takes my absent breath away. who just got saved? 'cause i couldn't honestly tell you when i'm out of control. in the middle of the night, does it matter if it's the gas or breaks i turn to? 'cause if nobody gets hurt this time, then for all intents and purposes i'm fine? 'cause i'm not ok with any of this but i'm trying! i'll take the keys, you'll take the passenger seat, we'll make the most of this. you'll see that nobody makes us live this way - it's a risk that we all take, right? 'cause if i'm twenty seconds away from driving blind right now, in six months i'll be fine? sometimes responsibility's the hardest pill to take. choke it down - take two in the morning and three in the evening. pretend that you're ok! you're inebriated... i'm medicated... you're designated... i'm intoxicated...